Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New 'Opus' tiles

An opus is a great work, a major effort, a work on a grand scale. To accomodate the growing interest in ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Artwork) and many people's desire to try doing Zentangle on a larger scale, the nice folks at Zentangle have produced a tile on a grand scale: 10.5 inches square!

I have a few and have been enjoying using them. I began with something relatively simple, and comfortable for me, a mandala in black and white. This is one of my first uses of Zinger.
Tangles: Beadlines, Black Pearlz, Crescent Moon, Fasset, Fengle,
Florz, Krli-Qs, Tipple, Zewm, Zinger
Then, I just had to try color and at the time was quite enamoured with Aquafleur. One thing I love about the Tiepolo paper is that I can wet it, and add washes as much as I want, and it still dries almost completely FLAT! What a delight. This piece had acrylic washes before I tangled it.
Tangles: Aquafleur, Beadlines, Black Pearlz, Krli-Qs, Nipa, Tipple, Wud
I've just finished a taichi (yin yang) symbol. It's based on a single nautilus shell line drawing from Ben Kwok's Facebook group 'Ornation Creation'. I copied the template facing each other, and made some little adjustments to fit them into a circle.
Tangles: oh, so many!
Of course, I have lots of ideas for more!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Year of the Goat

Or is it Sheep? or Ram? Oh well, no matter, more tangling!

I thought of a ram's horn, and that it would be interesting on a tan tile. I used brown and sepia and white ink, and brown pencil for a lot of the shading.
Tangles: Finery and stripes
I fear that's all I'll have time for this week!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A fan-shaped stencil

A new board game in the house usually means some new stencil template boards for me! After you've pushed out all the game pieces, you're left with a board with some interesting-shaped holes. This new one has fan-shapes.

The stencil shapes reminded me of Shattuck, so I pursued that idea when I did the tangling. I've placed the tile on the stencil to match with the fan shapes I traced.

Next, a Renaissance tile with black and brown inks, and white pencil. I traced the stencil two times, in different directions.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Pearlz, and a whole lotta stripes.
Back to black on white. Again I traced the stencil in two directions, this time resulting in a string with three rows through the tile.
Tangles: Betweed, Black Pearlz, Chebucto, Elven,
and again, a whole lotta stripes
Aaand, back to a Renaissance tile, with black and pink inks, white and graphite pencils, this time with some random fan shapes.
Tangles: Beadlines, Drupe, Pearlz, Perfs, Printemps,
and a nod to Lotus Pods
I've used board game leftovers before. To read about some similar stencil work, check out this post.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Athitzi tangle

The diva has given us another "Use My Tangle" challenge. The tangle is Athitzi, and to my mind is almost more of a technique than a tangle per se. But an interesting technique, very simple and 'zen' to draw, and quite useful as a mid-tone fill.

On my first tile using this tangle I was beginning to think it would be a monotangle, but then that final droplet shape made me think of the tangle Droplets. I think that with Athitzi the shading is critical, otherwise it could be dull.
Tangles: Athitzi and Droplets
On the second tile I have very little Athitzi, using it mainly to give some lovely gray areas.
Tangles: Athitzi, Crescent Moon, Hurakán, Rozo, Tripoli.
This will be a good thing to have in my pattern quiver when in need of something almost nondescript but delicately interesting.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Why did I think this would work?

While I was away on vacation I did this tile...

... and really liked the Romanancy outside the Aquafleur. I thought it would be quite interesting to combine the two tangles, doing the stripes of Aquafleur in Romanancy's bumps and flats. I chose a round Renaissance tile and drew a large wobbly circle for Aquafleur, then pencilled in the lines of its stripes.

Why did I think that would work? As soon as I began the second row of Romanancy it dawned on me that Aquafleur's stripes go from the center out, while Romanancy's go across the pattern. But I persevered.

Romanancy had to disappear into oblivion in the center, which wasn't going to work, so I ended up with a flower-thing in the middle. That's okay, maybe even good, as it's something different to look at.

I put Auras around the big shape. I like that effect with Aquafleur, but also wanted to separate it from whatever background I used.

Initially the background was all basic Tipple - black ink circles on the tan paper. I added white and gray. Why did I think that would work? It was way too monochromatic. I decided that the border needed to be darker so I blacked over a lot of the circles, thinking I'd add white circles back on.

But I had left too many tan colored circles, so to darken them I drew Black Pearlz in many of them, leaving a little crescent moon highlight instead of the usual oval. (I do like that!)

There still wasn't enough definition between the large shape and the background, so I made the second Aura white in a further attempt to lift it away.

Romanancy needed more contrast so I used a Zenstone to highlight the bumps. It was lovely, but not light enough so I used a white Prismacolor pencil.

The tan of the tile is pretty much lost. The 'curl-over' tops of Aquafleur are also lost. And it's still too monochromatic.

Nonetheless - wonder of wonders! miracle of miracles! - it looks pretty decent.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

ROZO - a new tangle! ...not.

Well... in fact,  not a new tangle.
Tangles: Auras, Beadlines, Black Pearlz , Sird

Update on February 18, 2015:
As it turns out, this pattern was already deconstructed and named by Dilip Patel, a CZT in India! You can see his blog post about it here. So this tangle is actually called Sird. I've deleted my step-outs, but I'll leave the rest of my post here. There are some photos of our lovely vacation, and the tiles with this pattern may be of interest and inspiration. But Sird it is, from now on! Thank you Dilip!

(Back to the original blog post...)

I was very fortunate to spend two weeks recently with my husband on the lovely - and almost unknown - Caribbean island of Dominica. No, not the Dominican Republic. :)

Nine years ago, Bruce spent three months there working on translation projects with a friend. He's always wanted to return, and take me with him. Here are a few photos of places we went.
Left: Front Street in Roseau. Top right: interesting houses. Lower right: a cool doorway.
Left: entrance to the Fort Young Hotel, a restored and refurbished old British fort in Roseau.
Middle: View of a small, valley city from the mountain rainforest.
Right: Jules Joseph, a talented woodcarver whose shop we visited.
Upper left: our breakfast table at Castle Comfort Lodge.
Upper right: Emerald Pool and waterfall (very cold water!), up in the rainforest.
Lower left: ancestral heads, carved in stone, in the Kalinago (Carib) Territory.
Lower right: Cabrits hills from Picard.

Dominica's capital city is Roseau and I saw this pattern on some sidewalk tiles there. The island went back and forth between the British and the French for some time, eventually ending up British but with a lot of French remnants, especially in place names and Créole words.
Tangles: Auras, Black Pearlz, Ragz, Sird, Tipple
Tangles: Arukas, Auras, Sird, Shattuck, Tipple
Tangles: Auras, Black Pearlz, Printemps, Sird, and stripes

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Chebucto and Copada

I just returned from two weeks vacation and noticed a blog post that made me exclaim, "Hey! Somebody used my tangles!" That's always cool.

Then I realized that it was a response to the Diva's challenge this week. Wowee! Do a duo-tangle using two of my tangles. It's the first time ever that a duo-tangle challenge is not official tangles. What an honor!

Here's my first response to this challenge. I've never done Copada like this before - it just happened - but I quite like the series of wavy lines; it's a little like wood grain. Trying to run Chebucto off into nothingness was quite a challenge. I don't think I'd recommend it!

I wondered what these two tangles would look like running into and through each other, so I did a very simple string (three lines in each direction) and tried to alternate the tangles. I'm quite pleased with this tile! I like the large white spaces.

Both of these tangles are trickier to organize around a corner or on a curve. That's probably true about most 'border' tangles. Here's a MINI-TUTORIAL about sending Chebucto around a corner.